Who knew there were so many types of licorice.  Le Bonbon carries a nice variety.
Black Licorice
Black Licorice Wheels
Black Licorice Soft Drops
Black Licorice Scottie Dog
Black Licorice Coins
Black Licorice Cats
Black Licorice All Sorts
Jelly Belly Black Licorice Pastels
Jelly Belly Black Licorice Bridge
Jelly Belly Black Licorice Flavor

These are soft ribbons rolled into wheels and have a nice licorice punch with a mellow and smoky molasses hint from the brown sugar  with a hint of salt.
Black Licorice Dubbel Zout
Jelly Belly Licorice Bridge Mix

Licorice bridge mix is a colorful combination of nonpareils, pastels, jelly beans, and dots
Jelly Belly Black Licorice

Black licorice flavored pectin jelly bean
Dubbel Zout

These medium hard licorice have double the salt.  They are extra salty and give your tongue a nice zing.

A traditional favorite from England consisting of cream rock, twist plugs, sandwiches, and non-pareils.

These Dutch Coins, also know as Muntendrops, are the best known. They have a firm texture with a strong licorice taste. They are sweet, mild salty, and have a pungenty taste.

These are tasty, soft and sweet in the shape of a kitty. They start off firm, but quickly get soft and have a strong licorice flavor.
Scottie Dogs

These are sweet, soft, and chewy in the shape of a doggie. They are made from the licorice root and anise.
Soft Drops

These are the old-fashoined style. They are really soft and have a strong but sweet licorice flavor.
Jelly Belly Licorice Pastels

These brightly colored crispy shells have a candy crunch with a soft licorice center.
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Red Laces

Strawberry laces are chewy, soft, and delicious.  They can also be used for decorating cakes.
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